Combined Business Insurance

Having adequate general insurance cover is one of the most fundamental parts of being in business, as it provides invaluable protection against a range of risk events – from equipment and assets to legal liability – reducing financial uncertainty and protecting your livelihood and that of your workforce. Insurance companies provide a wide variety of general business insurance policies so it’s essential to get the right one for your needs.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This specialised area of insurance covers liability arising from the ‘professional services’ provided by a business. Importantly, as the nature of modern business continues to change rapidly it’s no longer only for traditional occupations such as Engineers, Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers, Architects and Insurance Brokers.

Directors & Officers / Management Liability Insurance

If you have a small to medium sized private company, you could be protected by a policy that covers claims from a wide range of management liabilities, such as; directors and officers liability, company reimbursement, company liability and employment practice liability.

Motor Insurance / Commercial / Heavy Motor Insurance

One of the more common types of business cover, motor/vehicle insurance protects your business fleet against costs arising from theft and accidents. Your policy can be tailored to include a range of commercial vehicles from cars and motorbikes to vans, trucks and even buses and heavy motor vehicles.

Marine & Hull Insurance / Goods in Transit Insurance (Import/Export/Local)

Marine insurance is designed to provide peace of mind, whether you have a pleasure craft that requires insurance or if you are moving cargo across water, land or air. Marine transit covers provides point-to-point coverage between your premises and those of your customers.

Contract Works Insurance

You need contract works insurance in place before a peg is put into the ground. Many things can go wrong where building works are involved, whether that be at excavation stage or completion stage of any project. Contract works Insurance is designed to provide cover for any physical loss or damage such as fire, theft, water damage, flood, malicious damage, storm and cyclone subsidence, landslip and earthquake. In addition, cover is provided for third party property damage or injury as a result of the insured’s negligence.

Corporate Travel Insurance – Australia & Overseas

Travelling for business purposes comes with a host of common and complex risks. If you or your team travels for work, then business travel insurance can help take some of the stress away.

Industrial Special Risk Insurance

The ISR policy provides property damage or consequential loss cover for medium to larger companies. Companies that have insurable value of approximately $5-$10m or more often qualify for an ISR. Policy. The policy is designed to protect physical assets, including buildings, stock, plant and machinery and other property.

Public & Products Liability Insurance

Public Liability insurance protects your business against the financial risk of being found liable to a third party for death or injury or loss or damage to property. Many policies also extend to include Product Liability. If you sell, supply or deliver goods, including repair or service, you may need cover for claims against you where goods have caused injury, death or damage.

Plant & Equipment Insurance

If you have mobile plant and equipment, we can arrange to ensure this plant and equipment is properly insured to protect both the equipment but importantly also the liabilities associated with its use. This product is designed to cover the smallest earthmoving machine though to the largest fixed or mobile crane as examples. This product is designed to cover everything from the smallest of earthmoving machines though to the largest fixed or mobile cranes – and everything in between.

Strata Insurance

Strata Insurance offers you peace of mind by providing liability cover in the event people are injured on common property. Typically it includes cover for lifts, pools, car parks, stairwells, gardens, wiring, balconies, walls, windows, ceilings and floors.

Home & Contents Insurance

For most Australians the family home is the largest asset they’ll ever own. This means it’s essential to protect it now with the right insurance cover. After all, no one wants to discover they’re inadequately insured when it’s too late.

Cyber Insurance

In the past two decades the global proliferation of digital technology, and unscrupulous figures seeking to exploit it, has seen cyber risk become one of the leading risk factors for businesses.

Business Interruption Insurance

From your family and employees to customers and suppliers, there are a lot of people who are dependent on your business. Given this, have you ever considered what would happen if your were unable to operate due to crucial assets being damaged or destroyed by a major event like fire, flood, significant storm damage or an earthquake?

Property Insurance

A must if you have one or more business premises, property insurance provides financial protection in the event they are damaged or destroyed in a one-off event.

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